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Steve Ira Present, M.S., has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, 25 yrs experiience, and is board certified in NLP,

  From an internationally known specialist in hard to solve trading psychology problems. He holds a Masters Degree In Clinical Psychology, is board certified in NLP, and has 25 years of experience in helping clients.

   Top celebrities, including a Grammy award winner, have hired him to help solve unsolvable problems. Motorola ® Corporation hired him to help their employees overcome stubborn problems.

   Steve is the only trading psychology consultant who Guarantees that you love the major progress you make in your first session, or you pay nothing for that session.


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      * Required Disclaimer: Results not typical, you may do worse, you may do better.

Still losing, even though you know how to trade?

Take The Profits
The Market Offers You
By Crushing Fear And Getting Iron-Fisted Control
Of Your Emotions...

So that you trade your method...
and take what the markets offer you!

Yes, there finally is a way to stop the pain of losing, Dear Friend -

If emotions take over your trading...

If you take premature profits... or can not pull the trigger, or chase the market, or over trade, or revenge trade, or call yourself a loser, stupid or worse, or lose it and trade wild after a series of losses...

If you’ve been successful in your other businesses/professions…

but aren’t consistently taking home the profits you know your trading method offers you…

Then, finally, there’s a way
for you to end
the nightmare of losing.

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Before I reveal the one skill you must master before you can consistently win, please allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Steve Ira Present, M.S., Master of Clinical Psychology, board certified in NLP, 25 years of experience.  I specialize in helping traders with very hard to solve trading psychology problems. I also work with traders who are already profitable, but want to take their trading to the next level.

   Before I spell out the exact - and surpr - reason why success in life virtually dooms you to failure in the market...

Please stop everything else, turn off your cell,
turn off your email, and
play close attention to these videos.

They may reveal the answer that can
save your trading career, while
opening the door to virtually unlimited trading profits:

Do you want to experience the power and freedom
of winning--- and winning consistently...
starting as soon as possible?

Here's how to get a jump-start on
the path to trading success, right now:

   Simply call me, Steve Present, M.S., to find out if you qualify for a no-cost, in depth trading psychology assessment/rescue your trading session. That's when you'll discover how quickly deep-rooted negative emotions may be changed.  Which allows you to trade without fear... and with iron-clad control! Finally, enter the consistent winnners zone!     

   My private line is (305) 662-6800. My email is here.

    In less than 10 minutes on the phone, I will ask you 5 questions that serve as my "leading indicators".  Indicators that predict if I can help you, or if I can not help you.
If I can help you, we will set up a no cost, no obligation demonstration consultation.

Which Of These Profit-Destroying
Trading Psychology
Issues Are Blocking You?

* Does fear paralyze your ability to pull the trigger… or does it force you to take premature profits… thereby crushing your dreams of making a profitable living from your trading?

* Do you (sometimes) break your rules and discipline when emotions overpower you? Do you lose control? Trade stupid? Trader wild? Over Trade? Revenge trade?

* After a winning streak, when you finally think you’ve got a “handle” on your trading, do you – and your trading - self-destruct?

* Do you feel embarrassed and ashamed about your trading results… so much so that you sometimes hide from or avoid friends and family… knowing they expect better from you, just like you expect better from yourself?...

* Do you sometimes - or often - get the feeling the market is going to SCR*W YOU THE VERY SECOND YOU ENTER A TRADE?

* Or are you simply not taking the full profits you know your methodology offers… leaving large piles of money on the table?  Money that could… and should… be yours!

If you answered yes to
ANY of the questions above,
you are not alone.

Okay… the videos above let you know there is a
way out of the misery of losing and/or not
achieving your maximum profit potential.
 But, you may…

still want to know the following:

Why in the world are you are not hitting the ball out of the park in trading?

Why has your progress in trading come to a dead stop -- when you’ve succeeded in other areas of life?

Because of this almost unknown,
and totally counter-intuitive fact:  You've...

been using the same skills and strengths in trading that made you a winner in other areas of your life!

That’s right…

What works in the “real world”
 will BLOW your trading account up -
time after time! Let me…

explain this baffling, paradoxical and puzzling phenomenon.

PLEASE: Listen up:  Because
this is the same hidden force
that kicks 95% of potentially
successful traders out of the business...
leaving them not only broke,
but clueless as to why it happened!

When you are stubborn – a vital success asset in most all businesses/professions (persistence is one of the key differences between winners and losers) – the market will punish you! 

Here’s a surprising - and almost unknown -
example of how the markets punish
us for being successful in life:

When we suffer a loss in business or life, here’s how we recover:

Naturally, we think about the problem/loss.

We "play the tape" of our loss in our head - over and over.  And... we keep searching for a solution.  

In fact, we won't rest until we find it!

Then, upon finding a potential solution, we implement it. And we get a win.

And if we don't get a winner, we repeat this process until we do.

However, in trading, the game changes.


Here's why:

If you keep re-playing the "mental video”
of your losing trades caused by fear,
lack of discipline, or other trading psychology issues,
here’s the (very high) price you pay:

The more times you think about and replay your losses, the more you realize that your losses are due to something you can NOT control!

Which creates the following effect:

you feel more and more helpless...
your self-image shrinks...
and then your self-esteem tanks! Why?

Because you start to blame yourself.

You call yourself NASTY, MEAN and frankly INSULTING NAMES.

And... you actually question your intelligence.

Then, you start to question your ability to EVER trade successfully!

Which produces this horrifying result:

You start to feel like a loser!

Which, of course, creates this effect:

You expect to lose.
And this expectation totally destroys your...

clear thinking!

Which means you can NOT objectively assess the market... and can NOT implement your methodology correctly.

Your crystal clear thinking turns cloudy… very cloudy indeed.

Your mind is overtaken by doubt, fear, anxiety, and dread.


All these negative thoughts,
negative emotions and
loss of clear thinking
create exactly what you

  Another loss!  So...

how do you handle this?

Of course, with the same persistence that made you successful in life.

So once again, you go back to studying your method – which you already know like the back of your hand.

After the market close, you look at your trades.

Now that you are no longer "under the gun", you see exactly what you did wrong.  

So, this makes you feel
better - at first.  But...

then, when you next trade, entering what is quickly starting to feel like a "war zone", you perform in the same piss-poor way... continuing to make silly, mindless mistakes.

So, once again, you rely on your old success skill, persistence (stubbornness):

Again you go over your bad trades.

Now, doubt creeps deeper into your mind - as you once again see visual proof that despite your knowledge of how to trade, something is wrong with your trading ability.  This makes you seriously question your ability to EVER trade successfully.

And the more you doubt yourself... the more you feel like a losing trader, the more mistakes you make, and the more money you lose!

Knowing this pattern leads to…

Trading psychology rule # 1:

The market punishes stubbornness.  With a vengeance! 

But that’s not the only way the market tears us up when we use our success skills from life. Far from it.

Please check this out:  After a loss…

in business or life, most of us use our mental “muscle” and determination to recover. 

We use our power and force… and we impose our will.  Just like a good boxer does - with the following result:

We get a winner the next time.

So, we are rewarded for “making up”…
for acting out of the emotion of “revenge”.  Now...

there’s nothing wrong with that in business…

In fact, if you don’t have that competitive spirit, you won’t be successful in your business/profession!

However, in the business of trading,
the rules change: 
COMPLETELY!  Because when...

you revenge trade, the market kicks you – immediately. 

And it kicks you hard – right where it hurts.  In your wallet!  

Here’s why:

When you revenge trade, you are trading out of emotion…
which is the fastest way to blow up your trading account, as explained below. 

Then, for so many traders, the market delivers a powerful double whammy: After it whacks your trading account....

It kicks you right in your guts…
as you feel your self-esteem
being sucked out of you as fast as your money!

Which leads to…

Trading psychology rule # 2:

 The market punishes those who trade the past.

While it amply rewards those of us who CALMLY trade the hard right edge of the screen, with absolutely NO concern for whether their last trade lost, or won.
(The secret of how to do this is revealed below.)

Now, the pain of revenge trading gets even worse: 

   Because for intraday traders…

You see the loss immediately--  just seconds later!  

   NOT a week or a month later (like in most businesses/professions).

   So when you take your next trade,  you are still in the grips of negative emotions. Which leads to...

Trading psychology rule # 3:

   In order to take outsized profits on a consistent basis,

  In others words, you must remain calm, relaxed, and see the screen with total clarity, just like you were sim trading, or paper trading.

 Why is this rule so make or break important?

Because whenever you trade
“under the influence” of emotions,


Why, you ask?

Because if you trade emotionally, here's what happens:

You’ll either revenge trade -- trying to make up for what you lost – or you’ll break your discipline and rules -- or you’ll get so twisted, mixed up and confused by your 2nd or 3rd loss in a row that the worst thing to happen to a trader happens to you:

You lose your ability to think clearly –
the critical skill you
MUST have in order to win!  So…

instead of crystal clear thinking, proper discipline and emotion-free execution of your rules, YOU START TRADING BLIND! 

You start hoping… and needing… to win. 

You feel compelled to trade, as you try to prove a point:  

To the market.  And to yourself.  (This not only results in lousy trading decisions, but may force you to overtrade, another profit-robbing trading trap.)

Caught up in these strong emotions,
you make one ridiculous
rookie mistake after another…
as the strong hands suck the money
right out of your trading account!  And…

the more you lose, the worse you feel… about yourself and your ability to ever make it as a trader!

Which causes this to happen:

You need to “make up for the loss”
in the worst way.

So, you start breaking your rules... and start becoming more and more uptight.

This mental - and physical - tension destroys your thinking ability -- causing you to call yourself "stupid" and other demeaning names.

   All combined, this leads to the following result most traders are all too familiar with:

Your trading account tanks! 
This is the real -and mostly unspoken - reason why…

95% of traders blow up their trading accounts.

This is why 95% of traders are forced out of the business they love so dearly.

Because they never discover the secret of emotion free trading trading with real money in a special way:

   A way that feels just like simulated or paper trading.

And this is...

so very elusive secret
of mastering trading,
so that you consistently
bank the profits you deserve.

That's right:  Consistent wining is created by:

Trading in the “emotion-free zone”.

Just like that time you played an almost perfect round of golf… and were so relaxed, yet focused… that you achieved effortless results. So...

How can you achieve this much
sought after, relaxed, peaceful,
and Zen-like state of trading-mind?

Many traders try CD’s, software, books, meditation, positive thinking and more.

For most traders, these short cuts can NOT advance their trading very far, if at all.  

They are simply no substitute for personal, one to one coaching on trading psychology that get to the ROOT CAUSE of the programs that are destroying your trading results.

Because ultimately, successful trading
comes down to one thing:
Mastery of your subconscious mind. Please...

let me explain:  

Your subconscious controls your emotions - with an iron fist. 

And your emotions completely control your ability to pull the trigger. 

They control your ability to remain patient, relaxed, in control, with such total discipline that you let your profits soar and never override your stops.

Now, let’s face the cold, hard facts about trading.  

You have chosen one of the most rewarding professions in the world:

One that offers the potential of immense profits while giving you the freedom to work where you want, when you want.  

But because the psychology
of trading is so difficult –
tragically - 95% of traders get kicked out
of the business because of the losses they suffer.


Although sad, the answer is quite simple: they can’t control their emotions when they trade.

To achieve total mastery
over your subconscious,
and hence, your emotions, you need the following:

A top level trading psychology coach.

One who will work with you on a 1 to 1 basis to help you transform your trading "blockages". 

After all, even Michael Jordan had a coach. 

Even Tiger has a coach (actually, several: a swing coach, a fitness/strength coach, and occasionally, others.)

This is why for trading, you need a personal coach who has mastered the unique language of the subconscious mind…  and yes, its language is indeed unique.

And complex.  

For your information...

The subconscious TOTALLY IGNORES logic!

That's right...

It responds only to those few people
who have mastered special ways
of communicating with it... and
powerful ways of changing it. Your...

subconscious responds to those who can quickly get to the issues that are blocking your trading progress and profits… and to those who can “tame” it with powerful techniques.  

Techniques that put you in automatic control of your trading in a way that no book, cd, group program or software can even come close to.

Now… if you are wondering
what techniques can do this, here's...

the (very) shortened version.

I use an advanced trading transformation protocol I have personally developed, after 25 years of experience in developing rapid-change methods.

Above, you’ve seen the results my methods can produce in my client’s videos. 

Now… it’s time for you to
step into the winner’s circle.

As long as you meet the above criterion, feel free to call me at
1 (305) 662-6800.
 Together, we will find out in less than 10 minutes if you qualify for a free, trading psychology assesment/“rescue your trading” session.

If we work together, I guarantee this:

You will be 100% satisified with the Major Improvements
you make in our Very First session, or
your money is refunded, in full, no questions asked.

That's how sure I that I can deliver results.

If, however, you do NOT know how to trade yet…
If you are a tire-kicker or a bargain hunter…
If you are not serious about
transforming your trading,
please do NOT call me. 

Trading is a serious business - one with great potential risks, and truly astounding potential rewards.

Quite frankly, my time, talents, and energy are devoted only to those who demand the best from themselves… and who demand the best from a top level, results-driven coach. One who is so sure of his methods that he guarantees you are satisfied with your results. Or you pay nothing.


  • No more late entries caused by fear, hesitation or doubt. 

    Which means:

    No more taking excessive risks that violate proper money management principles --  risks that set you up for short term losses and long term failure in this business.  

    Finally, enter into trades without hesitating… and once in, stay relaxed, calm, and in control during the entire trade.

  • Trade with discipline, automatically –without thinking – instinctively following your rules! 

    No matter whether the market hesitates, moves against your position, or moves in your direction. Finally giving you the chance to bank the profits you know your method offers you – if only you could execute it consistently!

  • At last, trade in the zone… with peace, with calm… maximizing your profits.

  • No more missing winning trades. 

    No more pain of watching the winners take off – while you sit on the sidelines kicking yourself because fear and doubt kept you from “pulling the trigger”.

    Experience the joy of trading mastery that allows you to capture the profits you deserve.

  • No more trading from the emotion of your past loss… or success. Just trade the hard right edge of the screen, with peace plus mental and emotional clarity.

Picture this: having the almost unfair advantage of “state mastery", which means...

The greater the pressure,
 the calmer and more disciplined you’ll become!

Does this sound hard to believe?

Well... how come consistently winning traders become calm, relaxed... and... how come they don't get paralyzed by fear, even when the market moves against them?

Because (at the subconscious level), they have this strategy of "calm within the storm"... the very same strategy I'll install in you.

Now, imagine what will happen when you tap into this database of state mastery - with my help-- so that you’ll be able to:

  • Perceive the market accurately -- 

  • Think clearly --responding to changing market conditions with intelligence, wisdom, and according to your trading plan --

  • Stop struggling and trying to force yourself to “be disciplined!” – since discipline will become as automatic as turning on your computer --

  • Finally, stop “beating up” on yourself after a losing trade!  Stop those futile and totally counter-productive efforts to “whip” yourself into becoming a better trader.  

My goal for you is simply this: Having you experience the peace of mind, freedom, and profits that come when you...

  • Step up and join the elite 5% who win… and win consistently! 

  • Join those who take outsized profits, and enjoy the lifestyle this business can create for those who master their psychology.

I look forward to helping you join the elite 5% who master the toughest game of all... and to the joy and pride you will share with me as your trading progresses by leaps and bounds.

By the way, when you call me at 1 (305) 662-6800.

And, no matter where you live, you can get my help, since all trading psychology improvement sessions can be held over the phone.

Take good care,
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Steve Present, M.S.

P.S.  If you know how to trade, but fear, emotional trading, self-sabotage and lack of discipline have turned you into a losing trader –- or are slashing your profits -- please… please... don’t become “market road-kill”. 

Seize this opportunity to join the elite 5% who proudly grab the large profits the markets offer to those few who have mastered their subconscious mind and their emotions.

Feel free to call me and leave a message 24/7 at 1 (305) 662-6800.

Please remember: All sessions can be experienced over the phone, so no matter where you live, you can take advantage of this chance to skyrocket your trading profits.

Don't let yourself join the 95% of traders who are blown out of this profession!  Discover how you can finally master your psychology and achieve your financial goals.

Private Phone line:             1 (305) 662-6800

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